New photos added to several galleries.

I’ve uploaded a backlog of photos to the Dernol Valley website, including to the following pages:

Moths & Butterflies – 13 new photos, mostly from trapping in Glandernol garden.

Pebble Hook-tip (Drepana falcataria)


Gardening¬†– 23 new photos from Glandernol garden. It’s been a strange year for gardening, but eventually everything has turned out very well. It seems an exceptional year for flowers, and after a late start, they are now getting plenty of insect visitors.

Echinacea ‘Red Pearl’


Birds¬† – new photos of Pied Flycatcher chicks (by a licensed ringer, Amy Moscrop) and an adult Spotted Flycatcher. In our garden this year we have had nests of Spotted Flycatcher, Robin and Blackbird fledge, and although we didn’t see the chicks, we assume that the Goldcrests fledged too. We were lucky enough to see the Goldcrests gathering spiders webs for nest-building in our garage and under the eaves of our house, something we’ve never seen before.

Muscicapa striata (Spotted Flycatcher)

Muscicapa striata (Spotted Flycatcher)


There are also new photos on the Amphibians and Trees pages.